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Client: UFEC - SPORT - Generalitat de Catalunya - EsportCat

Agency: VTO Produccions

Category: Visual Identity - Art Direction - 3D - Motion Graphics - Events

The Catalan Sports Festival (Festa de l’Esport Català) started in 1996 thanks to the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (UFEC) and the newspaper SPORT. It’s an event to award prizes the recognition of Catalan sportspeople and sports entities. The best Catalan sportspeople and clubs of the year and personalities of sport, culture, politics, and Catalan society attends annually to this event.

The UFEC and the SPORT newspaper called me through VTO Produccions, to commission me to redesign the image of the festival.

The main objective of my clients was to rebuild the visual identity of the festival, and obtain a modern and impactful aesthetic, to be projected on three different screens: a 14-meter long one in «Ultrawide» format and two secondary ones in 4:3 format.

After analyze & evaluate the project, I designed & animated a new red-toned, abstract & minimal concept, achieving the prominence of the awards with an epic but technological mood, where the 3D sculpted model of the festival’s trophy was the main point.

The event, live broadcasted on TV3, was held at CaixaForum Barcelona in January 2020 where the prizes of the previous year were awarded.

It was very gratifying to contribute creatively to an event like this, where athletes such as Carles Puyol, Ona Carbonell, the Márquez brothers, etc., and entities such as the UFEC, the SPORT newspaper, the Generalitat de Catalunya, EsportCat, Coca-Cola, Estrella Damm, TV3 and Esport3 and so on, assists.