Editorial: Editorial Planeta

Agency: Violeta Denou

Category: Illustration - 3D - Art Direction

Teo is a well-known character in our country, created by Violeta Denou (Carlota Goyta Vendrell & Assumpció Esteban Noguera) in 1977. He appears in a large number of books, focused on children older than one year.

I created the first two books with a 3D aesthetic about Teo and his family in conjunction with Assumpció Esteban & Carlota Goyta:

-“La família de Teo”, Editorial Planeta S.A., 2012 ISBN: 978-84-9932-867-6
-“Un día con Teo”, Editorial Planeta S.A., 2012. ISBN: 978-84-9932-866-9